Winter's Grace

So few days there are like Christmas cards
With scenes so perfect white,
That when they come we all must go
And see the snow so bright.

Now such a day was this very one
So off I went to see
What Winter in her fancy mood
Had laid in store for me.

I followed paths so warn with walk
In woods I knew so well;
Yet here there was a scene so new
It cast a wondrous spell.

The snow lay on each branch and bough
So perfect and so light
That even weeds seem regal now
As if in ermine white.

I scarce could force my way amongst
The growth that lay before
For fear I should destroy the scene
And see it all no more.

The woods and field I knew so well
They seemed so different now,
And even though I knew my way
In awe I had to bow.

It was as though the Lord above
Had painted in this scene
To show to me and all mankind
How he can make us clean.

Just like the white that covers all
Of nature’s flaws and weeds,
So with the blood shed on the Cross
He will ransom all our deeds.

He will cover us with love and grace
As snow from heaven come down;
So clothed like Revelation Saints
We’ll wear our robe and crown.

And all who see us changed by grace
Will also stand in awe
As I this day in familiar fields
Was moved by what I saw.

I thank you, Lord, for scenes like this
That make me think of you;
But I thank you most for Calvary’s blood
That washes me so new.

I see the creek that silent runs
beneath a snowy arch;
I know t'is you who makes me strong
To continue on my march.

Let me await your transforming power
As the woods await the spring;
Let all your flock have expectant faith
That we shall all take wing

When like the snow that showers down
The trumpet sounds from high,
And you do summon to your self
All who Calvary’s blood did buy.

Then round your throne with saints of old
We will stand a massive throng;
Not silent as these quite woods, we shall
sing your praise in song.

     Saint Francis

     © Charles C. Hall 1/20/01  photos enlarged 12/13/20