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Index of Prayers & Meditations

The following files are .pdf files for viewing/printing with praystand.jpgAdobe Acrobat Reader or an Acrobat Reader enabled web browser. The pages are 8.5"x11" landscape mode with two prayers/quotes to a page so they can be cut in half and made into 5.5"x8" portrait pages. Although some are best printed on a color printer, all will print well on a black and white printer. They can be printed front-to-back, so you get twice as many in a booklet. Just make sure the top is the same for each side. They are sized to be used in a stand-up folder made from two pieces of hard cardboard and a spiral binding as shown on the left. The one shown is made with a heavy duty file divider cut to two 5x7 inches pieces and spiral bound at the local office supply store. You can flip a different prayer each day.

Note: You should print these with Adobe Reader; other pdf viewers may distort the size & spacing.

The shrewd man (Proverbs 27:11) and excerpt from Proverbs 3:5-8 (be not wise in your own eyes)

Prayer of St. Francis & excerpts from Prayer of St. Clement

Act of Offering & excerpts from Evangelii Nuntiandi

Prayer for Perserverence in the Faith & Prayer from Ephesians

Julian of Norwich on the bliss of Heaven and Christ's delight

Quotes from Daniel and Job reminding us to trust even when we do not understand what is going on or even when things go badly

Julian of Norwich on the Passion; on things Jesus wants us to know.

St. Teresa of Avila on desiring God, pleasing God and the Kingdom without end.

St. Teresa of Avila and St. Augustine on traveling and only one soul.

Quotes from John Wesley

St. Teresa of Avila and Mother Teresa on God suffices and how much love

Excerpts from Pope Francis's Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love) and the U.S.C.C.B. paper on The Meaning of Marriage & Sexual Difference click here

Quotes from Julian of Norwich on holding nought all things for Jesus's sake; from St. Anthony the Great on times when men will go mad and from Thomas Aquinas on no explanation necessary. click here