Grace, My Third SweetiePie

or "A Local Lost Little Girl Finds Love and a Forever Home in the Mountains."
(2004)2007-April 16, 2016


October 2007. Although I had hoped to get another Doberman to follow in the line of Dia and Heidi, I perceived that finding a suitable one from a rescue group would be a long involved process. Many Dobermans are bred Grace at home in bedto be large, and I want a smaller one. Heidi at 65 pounds was within the standard for a female, but she was a rarity in terms of her small size. Therefore, I decided I needed to broaden my search and see what the Lord had in store. One evening I checked our local animal shelter (Click Here) and found a dog that very much reminded me of the physique of a Doberman. Her name was "Grace" and she was said to be 50 lbs. I went to see her the next morning. She turned out to be smaller than fifty pounds, but her spunk and sweet disposition was captivating. I could see that the description of "gets along with other dogs and cats" was true. Although she was not as big as I would have liked, when she stood up, her head was on a level with my waist.
That afternoon I called Sue Clauss the trainer who had helped me with Ruth and asked if she could evaluate Grace for me. I met Sue at the shelter, and she met Grace. Sue was impressed with Grace's disposition and believed that she would be trainable for my needs. I gave my application and adopted Grace that afternoon. We went to the vet for an exam. She weighed in at 36.8 pounds. I doubted she would gain much weight if she was three years old as the vet thought. However, over the initial years she grew to about 43 very fit pounds.
Grace settled into her new home very well.
Grace outdoors
These two photos are of Grace out in the field by the vet's office. You may note her deep chest and slim stomach before a healthy set of hips with well muscled legs. This is what reminded me so much of Dobermans running in the field.
Grace standing in field
October 12, 2007

Grace crouching

Paw Paws Canine College
Today (10/22/07) Grace went to Paw Paws Canine College in the rolling hills beyond
Spring Gap Mountain. We will let you know how her education progresses.

sitting at the heelpraise for doing well

Grace did well at obedience school. She learned to stay for a long time and to heel when being walked. She also learned how to politely greet people, how to get along with other dogs and how to sit patiently when someone is opening the door for her. If she lost some of that discipline over the years it was because of my being captivated by her charm and sweetness.
She is shown here with trainer Sue Clauss of Paw Paws Canine College.

Grace and our neighbor, Matai
Grace and our neighbor, Matai, from across the river. Click

February, 2016: At eleven years of age Grace was doing very well. She had met all my expectations and more. She gained weight and is now about 43 pounds. Her ability to get up and chase the squirrels eating the bird feed makes me more aware of my getting older. How does she stay so young? We are looking forward to several more years of joy together.


April 16, 2016   It is with great sadness that I announce my sweet Grace has passed from this life. She developed a serious malfunction of her lymphatic system and was unable to process protein from her food. When she began to waste away before my eyes I bid her farewell, and she went gently to sleep.

Her name was "Grace" when I got her at the rescue kennel, and I kept that name. I have said for eight years that she was a "Grace from Heaven sent to keep me from becoming a grumpy old man." She filled my life with many smiles and much laughter. I thank the Lord that He gives us such wonderful companions to comfort us in tough times and to multiply our joys.

Grace's cocked ears were a charming trademark      Grace running on wrapped hay bales

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