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 Since my interests are varied, there are many things covered here, although they may not be covered in depth. This is a work in progress and a testing ground for other projects.   Life is a learning process!


     Food for the Soul

  Prayers from the Saints
Catholic texts & resources
Winter Poem
The Lantern - a pathway light
Bumper Sticker Wise Men Seek

Web Sites

North River Mills
Claude Swanson, Statesman
Conley Family
Hampshire County History
Bishop Richard Channing Moore
George Washington Frontier H.A.

Pets sent from Heaven

Abbey, my SweetiePie #2
Grace, my past SweetiePie
Heidi, a past SweetiePie
Dia, my 1st SweetiePie #2

     Food, Eats, etc.

Pie Crust

Pecan Sticky Buns

Watermelon Rind Pickle

Chocolate Mousse

         Other Stuff to Look For